While sitting on my porch reading a book about generalists triumphing in a specialized world I found myself questioning how I can make an impact today with my own non-specialized skills.

My wife comes out with her typical, impeccable timing she said, “What’s that noise”?

I’d been hearing cars driving by, power tools from a neighboring house flip, trains on nearby tracks, and birds singing all morning.

Kaylin Cordova heard something different among it all. This was a subtle distress. One that required fresh perspective and new ears.

I listened and responded, “That’s just a bird on the neighbor’s house”. She gave me a silly look and moved closer to the faint and irregular pattern.

Soon, we realized something was stuck in our neighbor’s drain pipe. It was a bird that had slid down from the second story and had no path out.

Surely, it expected no one was out there to help and imminent doom was next if Kaylin wasn’t intentional about paying attention.

My friend Leonard Sweet wrote in his book, Nudge, “Pay attention: Every bush is burning”.

As a result of her attention to detail a small momma bird was freed from entrapment and doom. Several birds lives were saved.

Who or what is calling you?

My only regret is that I didn’t respond to the call sooner.

Pay attention.