• Title: Partner

My greatest skill is anticipating what needs to happen next in any given situation. While we focus our macro attention on marketing needs, my micro attention is focused on the leaders we partner with at each organization. 

People often think that leading is easy. However, research tells us that they often have few resources and even less training. Many leaders are just learning as they go. In a world of uncertainty, employees are relying on their leaders to provide resources (tangible + intangible), stability (financial + emotional), and investment (personal + professional). If we know that 70% of learning to lead happens on the job, how can we leave something so important to chance?

My heart is deeply motivated to support leaders in seeing what needs to happen next in their personal development, relationships, and goals for the sake of those closest to them. With a background in Organizational Psychology, I have a research-based foundation around coaching, leadership development, project management, team effectiveness, and systems thinking.

Together, my heart and head come together to create a rich experience to grow organizations to their full potential. 

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