• Title: Partner

When the pressure is high and the stakes are substantial, I lead with conviction, courage, self-assurance, and maintain attention to both the needs of myself and others. I can offer you strategies for growth, execution, ideation, and years of experiences with personal developmental roadmaps. I am passionate about creating opportunities for all to have a chance to succeed in life and work. As a first-generation immigrant, I know the unique challenges that come with a lifetime of being marginalized and underrepresented. I know that I need to work harder and with more intentionality than those around me. I have learned to identify the gaps in organizations and their goals and find strategic solutions that will enable success for all.

I’m a bilingual, multicultural, and innovative business, marketing and communications executive. I have an extensive record of developing brands, leading leaders, and building creative teams to help organizations advance their goals through non-traditional methods. I have had the privilege to keynote hundreds of times and speak to individuals all over the world. In my previous roles, I have been published dozens of times, across non-profit and publicly traded sectors. I have been directly involved in the strategy and launch of over 200 corporations and continue to consult today on business and go-to-market development in eight states.

One of the most valuable lessons learned throughout all of my experiences is the need for both relational and technical acumen when in any leadership role. Being able to flex from the visionary leader to execution mode while maintaining healthy relationships with those you are working with has been a key in my success. I’ve been a part of raising funds, marketing, and public relations since I was a minor. As the only English speaker in my family, they relied on me to support their numerous business and non-profit endeavors as early as 10 years old.

I am a product of the process, developing myself through the help of other senior leaders, like iron sharpens iron; they have demonstrated tremendous grace and immense belief in me, some of which you will see in my referral letters. I have made it my personal mission to maintain a learning-orientation lifestyle by surrounding myself with a community of learners that will continue to shape and refine my character, integrity, and competence. I feel called to support the development of underrepresented communities by creating opportunities to access resources to further their growth. All of this gives me a unique and invaluable perspective that is difficult to replicate in a coaching relationship.

The lessons of experience research that was started in 1988 has proven to us that there is a sure thing when it comes to developing leaders. Experience [good, bad, ups, downs, and challenges] provides the most impactful classroom for leaders to develop. I would love to partner with you to have a stronger impact and meet your goals.

If you are prepared to take the next steps, connect with me through my LinkedIn profile and follow this link to schedule our introduction.