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People often assume marketing is sales – it is not. Effective marketing creates the optimal experience for your customers to learn about what you do and sets your team up to close the deal. While complimentary, marketing and sales are not one in the same, so we can’t treat them as such. Nor should we turn one against the other.

While we care about the experiences (and trauma) you’ve had that have shaped your perspective of ‘marketing’, we care more about what you’re prepared to do next to tell your story and get in front of your ideal customers.



With a background in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, Kaylin brings a firm understanding of leadership processes, inclusivity, and intentionality. One of her greatest attributes is the ability to ask the right questions, uncover organizational gaps, and keep people motivated in the progression of self-improvement. Read more about Kaylin in her full bio.



A product of the developmental process, Jay specializes in personal development, growth strategies, and systematic change implementation. His unique perspective comes from years of intentionality, motivation, and passion for personal change. He will challenge you to try things multiple times with slight calibrations. Read more about Jay in his full bio.


Director of Creative Services

A highly skilled graphic designer with over 15 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has played a pivotal role in creating and strategizing for 30+ brands, across various mediums and industries. Peter’s expertise extends beyond design as he has also demonstrated a remarkable talent for leading effective and efficient teams. Read more about Peter in his full bio.



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Peter has been our exceptional graphic designer for the last seven years. He consistently delivers excellence, from transforming our logo to crafting captivating marketing materials. His expertise in social media content, website updates, and product graphics is invaluable. Peter's dedication and creativity have elevated the LaJAshley Brand, and we eagerly anticipate more brilliant collaboration. Thank you for being an outstanding part of our team!

  • Laura Manning
  • Founder + CEO, LaJAshley
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It's rare that you come across a unique set of skills such as Jay's. I had the pleasure of working with Jay through the 2020 pandemic and since then he has been a key factor in my professional and personal growth. Jay has unparalleled communication skills and a seemingly bottomless passion to promote growth in those who surround him. His ability to be light hearted yet genuine always leaves a smile on our faces and optimism in our hearts. In a world where association brings about assimilation, having someone as caring, intelligent, and forward thinking as Jay on your team is an absolute must! Jay is an asset to every team he is a part of and has my highest recommendation.

  • Josh Piersimoni
  • Software Engineer, DRB Systems
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Kaylin earns a reputation as a force multiplier among anyone who has the pleasure to work alongside her. She's made me better as a leader and a person, and I know she will have that effect on any organization that is fortunate enough to add her to their ranks. Seriously... If you're in a position to hire Kaylin for anything, don't even think twice about it. It will be the best decision you'll ever make.

  • Ryan Brock
  • Chief Strategy Officer, DemandJump
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Jay Cordova has the skills and vision to move any organization forward. One of the strongest leaders and forward-thinking experts I have ever had the pleasure to work with. We have worked on many projects in the past and I have always valued his insights as well as enjoyed every step of the collaborative business process.

  • David Buchanan
  • Founder, Coefficient Media + Jacksonopolis


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